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Hey Hey.. It's International Women's Day..

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

On International Women's Day, let's take a day to celebrate the women around us, yes -for sure. But let's also use it better to question, to politicise and to activate around these important issues of structural and intersectionality inequality.

Why is it that Women's achievements are so extraordinary? Why is it that women often have to work twice as hard to receive 80cents on the dollar, to prove themselves for promotion, to stay in work with the pressure of domestic expectations? Or that they are celebrated for overcoming extreme personal oppression, domestic abuse and lack of rights and mobility?

I look forward rather to the day where we don't need to celebrate those women who have managed to overcome such personal and institutional difficulties. That we are all granted the same rights, the same responsibilities, the same freedoms- essentially we are all able to start at the same starting line together. That to me sounds like a much more enjoyable race or just a more enjoyable time for everyone.

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