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Dancer, Choreographers, directors: we are starting something new and we need you!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Did you know that sexual abuse in the professional dance industry has been reported at a rate of 77% for women and 53% for men, far higher than the average of other industries? Yet, out of these statistics, only 25% of professional dancers say they reported this misconduct to a higher authority.

When we as dancers/choreographers/directors think of the industry, we think of passion + opportunity, of undying and profound love, and striving for perfection and brilliance within this art form. Not of it being a dangerous place where abuse, precarity, and financial and long-term insecurity are a high probability. What is going on within the dance industry that presents the greatest of contradictions? Great joy and job and colleague satisfaction, coupled with sometimes great trauma, stress and powerless.

It’s about time we lift the lid and find out. We are putting together research on professional dancers, choreographers/directors, and the industry to help shed light on the forces at play with the intention to make it a better, safer, fairer, and nicer space for all. Nowadays, data is king, and there is still a gaping hole of data in professional dance. Thus, this research needs you and your experiences to support the goal of well-being for those working in the Cultural and Creative Industries.

This survey will take Just 10 minutes of your time. All answers are anonymous and extremely valuable. The data will help us understand the industry better, and will hopefully be a building bloc for those in the industry, policy-makers and the like to support the goal of a safer, fairer, kinder Dance Industry


Sally was a professional dancer working in companies and freelancing for 11 years throughout Germany and Italy. As she began her exit from the professional dance industry she began working in film and television before receiving her MA in Acting in 2020. During her Masters she began writing alongside working as an Actress. In 2022 she began volunteering for the association What Dance Can Do and is now a writer for the association writing research articles, reviews and conducting interviews. You can find her published works in the online journal mise-en-abyme and the WDCD newsletter.

Jaslyn comes from a technical background and has been in the industry for 12 years, working most of her career as a freelance dancer based in London and Berlin. She completed her Master's in International Relations alongside her dance career. Her research “Gender in Global Cultural Policy” has been presented at various academic conferences on cultural rights and public policy in Europe as well as being featured in podcasts by Cultural Action Europe.

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